Honesty In Love

4 Reasons Honesty Is Best When Meeting A Love Interest

Truthful Couple In Love

First dates are awkward, we really can’t argue that fact, but when you feel compelled to lie about yourself, that’s when you may have taken things a bit too far. Now, bear in mind, we’re not talking about a little white lie, but about the fact that lying during your entire date can get you into trouble later on. You’ll see a number of articles online telling you that fibbing is okay, but here are four reasons it could lead to disaster:

Your Connection Is A Lie

When you start telling your love interest what they want to hear, they make false conclusions about the connection that you may or may not have. How can you tell you have anything in common if the facts you stated were less than truthful? It’s much easier to be honest and upfront than to start a relationship and see where it lands you, with your fibbing.

Your Relationship Will Be A Sham

If the other person feels a connection with you due to your numerous lies, your entire relationship is doomed. The foundation you were supposed to set on your first few dates never happened because none of it was real. This can be devastating and the other person is bound to walk away when they find out the truth about you.

Dishonest People Aren’t Sexy

Regardless of what you hope to get out of dating, consider that honesty is sexy. Who wants to spend their lives with someone who seems compelled to lie in every situation? Usually, people lying on first dates are the same people who will consistently lie throughout the entirety of their relationships.

Potential For Future Awkwardness

No one can look at someone they’re romantically interested in when they know they’ve lied. It always begs the question, when is the other person being honest and when are they untruthful? First date lies can lead to serious awkwardness in the future.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to starting romantic relationships. With that being said, there are certain truths that you can omit as they’re not appropriate for a first date, but if it’s something important, make sure to explore that topic again at a later time. It may help to come up with topics you can discuss during your date so you don’t feel compelled to lie.